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Spludlow Tetris Joysticks & Gamepads

If you don’t like using the keyboard or want multiplayer on the same desktop you will need joysticks or gamepads.

Notes on Spludlow Tetris Joystick Controls

·         For joysticks and the analogue stick on gamepads the UP (drop) is disabled, as it’s too easy to catch accidently.

·         On gamepads the left Z trigger is used for drop.

·         On 3 button joysticks then button 2 (CCW) is used for drop.

·         On gamepads the D-Pad can also be used, UP will perform a drop.

·         A is Button 1 – Rotate CW

·         B is Button 2 – Rotate CCW

·         X is Button 3 – Select Target

·         Many clients on the same desktop can use the same joystick, useful for load testing

Supported & Tested Game-Pads and Joysticks

These input devices have been confirmed to work.

Xbox 360 Wireless Controllers (Gamepad)

Official Microsoft and unbranded controllers will work.

You will need an “Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver for Windows” you can get an unofficial one for 7 quid off eBay.

NOTE: The unofficial receivers won’t load the drivers automatically, click here for instructions.

Pair controllers to the receiver by pressing the little buttons on each, as the controller will be paired to whatever is was used with before.

Xbox 360 Wired Controllers

Official Microsoft and unbranded controllers will work.

Just Plug & Play no setup required.

Zero Delay Arcade Game Controller Joystick (CY-822)

Sold on eBay as “Zero Delay Arcade USB Encoder” or “Zero Delay Arcade Game Controller” for 7 quid you get the CY-822 circuit board, USB cable and a set of input cables.

With an arcade joystick, 3 buttons, scrap cable, connectors, screws, and MDF you can build a joystick to suit your needs.

Here I used CAT5 each twisted pair should carry the signal on one wire and 0v on the other, 2 cables gives you 8 pairs (7 signal & 5v) just right.

If you adopt a 9 pin D connector wiring scheme you can use your joystick on old 8/16 bit systems like Amiga & Atari, and you can also use old joysticks on the PC with USB.

1              UP

2              DOWN

3              LEFT

4              RIGHT

5              Button 3 (Right)

6              Button 1 (Top)

7              5v

8              0v

9              Button 2 (Left)


Leaving a signal wire open is OFF and shorted to 0v is ON. You only need 5v if you’re powering an auto-fire circuit or something.

DANGER: SEGA systems will short out 5v when button 3 is pressed which may cause damage to your unit.

NOTE: The CY-822 seems to prevent the Windows screen saver activating, so un-plug the USB when finished.


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